About Us

JEWELPET is a manufacturing and commercial group

Jewel Pet has started the plastic sector in 2013 with the production of cups and thermoform food packages. All of our production capacity has been exported to 35 different countries, mainly in the USA, British and European countries. In 2019, A+ Quality PET FLAKE production was started with the latest technology by Buhler Polymer Sorter.

Today the JEWEL PET AS is a manufacturing and commercial group located in Gaziantep which is South east of TURKIYE. With the investment partnership we realized in 2022, we have started the production and export of 12,000 tons of Starlinger Viscotec production line annually. In addition, in the first quarter of 2023, a partnership agreement was signed for aluminum food containers and foil production and exports and our sales started. We are happy to serve our valued customers.

What We Do ?

With its ongoing Pet Flake and Pet Sheet investments and Aluminium Foil and containers, JEWEL PET AS, which has a distinguished position in domestic and international markets, aims to protect our material, moral, cultural and natural environment in a healthy way for future generations with the economic contribution it provides to our country.

Our quality assurance in our production capability with

  • 1000 tons/month PET sheets by STARLINGER Machines

  • 1000 tons/month PET Flakes

  • 100 tons/month Aluminium Foils and containers